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We are incredibly proud of the work we produce and the relationships we have with our clients. But the common thread of what makes MEO design & communication great is our people. If you value growth and learning, and thrive in a fast-paced environment, then you’ll fit right in with us.

Open Position - Senior Account Manager

KEPPING IT PERSONAL. It’s all about you….

  • Experienced, minimum five years working in a Branding and or Communication environment
  • Positive, a solution focused attitude to client issues.
  • Self motivated, always looking for opportunities to support the business.
  • Determined, with the energy to succeed.
  • Strategic, understanding the importance of consumer and shaping our brands around their needs.
  • Analytical, curious to understand what you don’t….understand ?!
  • Challenger, willing to challenge and be challenged.


  • Relationship Builder.
  • Good at developing rich relationships with Clients through an open and accessible approach.
  • Builds agency team trust through a considered attention to brand issues.
  • Communication Excellence Able to convey thoughts and opinions clearly and to convince Client of agency point of view.
  • Fluent French and ‘good’ business English.
  • Good listener, able to provide clear understanding of client needs.


  • Juggler, able to manage multiple projects, on different platforms, simultanously.
  • Ordered and logical, process led approach to managing projects.
  • Detail focussed, a love for minutiae with a big picture vision.
  • Knowledgable, with a good understanding print production as a minimum.
  • Microsoft Literate, your tools of the trade:
  • Excel/Powerpoint-Word/Outlook skilled.
  • Adobe suite capabilities a benefit.


  • Creative acuity, instinctive understanding of creative concepts to match the brief.
  • Broad portfolio, knowledge of packaging design, experiential, communications, both digital and traditional, would be beneficial, but in depth in any of these would be acceptable.

FINANCIAL CONTROL. No money, no work !

  • Fiscally aware, an attitude to care for the money like it was your own.
  • Regular reconciliations, monitoring finances on a weekly basis to ensure we are not going over budget.

WHAT ? ROLE. The day to day

  • Key Agency interface with client for all projects, able to take instruction and manage the output on behalf of MEO.
  • Weekly and daily preparation of:
  • Status Reports for weekly project updates.
  • Contact Reports after each meeting with the client to provide next steps for each activity.
  • Critical path schedules for each project to ensure we meet client approved deadlines.
  • Preparation of job numbers and opening of projects.
  • Cost Estimates for client approval prior to work commencement.
  • Fiscal awareness and management of external suppliers to align resources with projects.
  • Photographers, illustrators, freelance resource etc.
  • Coordination of teams to deliver final creative output.
  • Meeting management and liaisons throughout project status.

WHY ? MEO, why us?

  • We are 15 years young, an independent branding agency based in Bulle.
  • We have loads of energy.
  • Progressive creative environment.
  • Flexible and agile boutique agency.
  • Open and inclusive culture, sharing of skills and ideas is encouraged.
  • A melting-pot of Swiss, English, Spanish, French personalities.
  • Mix of global and local clients... and we are getting bigger and better every day !

To apply for this job please send us an email with your CV attached on .

We look forward to hearing from you!